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Come Down Stairs And Say Hello. - "I've made a huge mistake." [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sean Dwyer

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Come Down Stairs And Say Hello. [Oct. 26th, 2007|06:48 pm]
Sean Dwyer
I've been tearing through the Harry Potter series like a drug-addict tears through his morning mail. Because he had an important package. (Backstreet Boy A.J.: "Was it drugs?") Well, no. (Backstreet Boy A.J.: "Oh. Well, in that case, I'm not entirely sure I follow your analogy. So, he just got an important package that wasn't drugs...?") Right. Basically -- Okay, he IS a drug-addict, but at this moment he's actually excited about receiving something through the mail that's not drug-related. (Backstreet Boy A.J.: "Then why was it worth mentioning when it had nothing at all to do your tearing through the Harry Potter series?") Plenty of reasons. This particular drug-addict's complex; he's got layering. Like, today, when he woke up, he was really hoping that his Ed DVDs would come in. (Backstreet Boy, A.J.: Are you just saying this because you are the one who is actually waiting for his Ed DVDs to arrive?") Yes. (Backstreet Boy, A.J.: "Well, that's just stupid.") Maybe. (Backstreet Boy, A.J.: "No -- No, it is.) Well, all right. But, still, I'd really like those DVDs -- I ordered them off of the internet, like, three weeks ago. (Backstreet Boy, A.J.: "Uh-huh. Well . . . I'm going take off.") You sure? (Backstreet Boy, A.J.: "Yeah, I'm going to bounce.") Oh, okay. Later, Backstreet Boy, A.J.. Thanks for making Sean Dwyer's livejournal one of the stops on your comeback tour.

I'm actually moving out in a few days. Have I done any work at all in preparation? Not as much as one would think. Or, y'know -- none at all. I'm in deep denial that I actually have to pack everything I own, and that it's going to be a lot of work. I can't believe that I've been kidding myself thinking that I can just last minute this whole thing, as per usual. So, since I only have one class tomorrow, maybe I should, just maybe get started...?