"I've made a huge mistake."

A coming of age story.

Sean Dwyer
10 June 1983
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About Sean Dwyer... I mean, where would one even begin, right? Hmmmm . . . Well, I am 25 years young. (See the little twist I added there... No? Well, that's your fault. Your lack of intense word-play understanding is something you should have examined. You just missed out on gold. Well, maybe not something gold, as much as something with a goldish-hue, y'know?) I was originally born in Buffalo, Ny. On the day of June 10, 1983, truly history was made. Being that mine started. Since then I have done all sorts of stuff... Like, ummmm... I went to, ummmm... Y'know. Stuff. What, like what you're doing is so great? No, seriously, leave my Livejournal now. You pretentious jerk.

Besides the early touched on section devoted to all the "stuff" I've done -- I enjoy TV, and music. Lame, right? No. Not when you're listening and watching the best stuff out there. I mean, I could go ahead and list all the TV shows I watch -- ones that would rock your world -- But, I won't.

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